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M1 Thompson Submachine Gun

Model: M1 Thompson submachine gun Origin: United States, World War II
Left rear receiver

magazines, pouches, extra repro 1928 front grip

Left side entire gun

Right side entire gun

Close up right receiver

Manufacturer: Auto Ordnance Corp. Circa: 1942
Caliber: .45 ACP Magazine: 20 and 30 rd
Accessories: see photo. Multiple 30 and 20 rd mags, one 3-cell and one 5-cell magazine pouch.
NFA Status: Transferable Condition:
Inventory No.: Serial No.:
Cash Price: $18,995.00 50/50 Payments:
Status: Available, ATF Form 4
Description:A Savage built Auto Ordnance M1 (not M1A1) Thompson
submachine gun. Non-matching.

Same owner for 33 years, very rarely fired and
meticulously cared for, as I have examined the gun.

Gun is on a Form 4.

I will put interested parties in contact with the owner.

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