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Model: M3 Origin: United States of America Right side of receiver and cocking handle

Right receiver

Ejection port and chamber

Left rear receiver

Close up of oiler

Underside trigger guard

underside of lower receiver housing

Left magazine well
One can see the serial number (redacted) and crossed cannons

Left magazine well
One can see the notation of type of weapon above magazine release

Amnesty-registered M3 Grease gun full view

Manufacturer: General Motors Corporation, Detroit, MI, Guide Lamp Division Circa: WWII
Caliber: .45ACP Magazine: 30 round stick magazine
Accessories: Six 30 round magazines and web strap
NFA Status: Transferable Condition: Excellent
Inventory No.: 080925 Serial No.: 00XXXX
Cash Price: SOLD 50/50 Payments:
Status: In stock, fully transferable, on Form 3 ready for transfer
Description:A beautiful, amnesty registered (1968) Guide Lamp Division, M3 Grease Gun.  Purchased from the estate of the owner who registered the firearm in the Nov/Dec, 1968 Amnesty.  Copy of original (redacted for privacy issues) paperwork included.  Includes six 30 round magazines and a web carry strap.  A pristine example of the M3.   Nice addition to any collection.

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