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M3 Submachine gun (“Grease Gun”)

Model: M3 Submachine gun (“Grease Gun”) Origin: United States

British armorers markings on barrel

Manufacturer: Form 4 states Guide Lamp Div (GM) Detroit, Michigan Circa: 1940’s World War II
Caliber: .45ACP Magazine: 30 rd stick
Accessories: 1 magazines
NFA Status: Transferable Condition:
Inventory No.: 080915 Serial No.: 1XXXXX
Cash Price: $13,995.00 50/50 Payments:
Status: available on Form 3
Description:Created as an inexpensive replacement for the Thompson submachine gun, this is an  original M3 Grease gun with British Lend Lease Act proof marks on the barrel.  One is able to see the weld marks around the magazine release where British armorers welded a bar over the magazine release button to avoid inadvertent dropping of the magazine while firing in combat. (these were obviously removed at some point after the war)   Additionally, the barrel was marked  ” .45  900  7 tons”  by the armorers as well.  Parkerized finish.  Priced to move at $13,995.00.   On Form 3.

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