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MAC 11/9 with Lage slow fire upper

Model: MAC 11/9 with Lage slow fire upper Origin: United States

Image shows the Lage improved extended safety switch

Lage fixed stock

Image shows the Lage improved thumb magzine release at top of rear  grip

Manufacturer: S.W. Daniel, Inc. Atlanta,GA Circa: 1980’s (firearm) Lage upper, new mfg.
Caliber: 9mm Magazine: one Zytel factory magazine
Accessories: One extra collapsible stock, one 30 rd Zytel magazine and all components of the original MAC 11/9.
NFA Status: Transferable Condition: Excellent
Inventory No.: 090820 Serial No.: 85-XXXXXXX
Cash Price: SOLD 50/50 Payments:
Status: Form 3, in stock and ready to transfer
Description:An excellent condition MAC 11/9mm submachine gun with approx 500rds through the gun with the lightly fired Lage upper included.   This gun has installed the front vertical grip, extended improved safety switch and improved thumb magazine release, along with the Lage fixed skeleton stock.

It is the version of the Lage upper which slows the rate of fire to approx 500 rds per minute.   Very smooth and fun to fire.

All original components of the MAC 11/9 are included if one chose to disassemble the Lage upper and restore the firearm to its original configuration.

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