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Model: MP40 Origin: Germany

Manufacturer: Erma (see additional description) Circa: 1943
Caliber: 9mm Magazine: 32 round
Accessories: three magazines, one original magazine loader and non-original carrying strap
NFA Status: Transferable Condition:
Inventory No.: 040605 Serial No.: XX4
Cash Price: SOLD 50/50 Payments:
Status: Available, Form 3
Description:This is an interesting weapon.  I purchased this weapon in 2004.  I  was told  (and also indicated in the “manufacturer” section on the Form 4), that it was an original WWII gun, Erma being the manufacturer.  However, I discovered after I purchased it that “Stemple” was engraved on the bottom of the tube.  This is not a reweld or a tube gun, as I and many others have examined it.  I actually spoke to John Stemple on the telephone about this gun to try to discover the reason it was stamped Stemple.   He indicated it is not a tube gun or a reweld, but he believes it goes back to the few weeks leading up to the 1986 machine gun ban.

John told me that there was an ATF agent assigned to him who was physically present in his shop  as he ultimately built and/or registered over 2,400 machine gun between 9 April and 18 May 1986.  He said that since things were so busy during that time, the agent essentially made him stamp “Stemple” on everything, like it or not.  He said that is the explanation for the stamping found on the gun.

I believe it to be an original gun, and it also has a indentation on the rear pistol grip that clearly looks like a bullet strike– but I absolutely feel compelled to disclose the fact it APPEARS  to be a tube gun.  I am likewise also not asking a  typical C & R price for it, I might add.

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