Compliance with firearms laws

It is your ultimate responsibility to know and understand all local, state and federal firearms laws and to comply with them.  Renaissance Antiquarian, Inc. or any of its agents, officers or directors shall not assume your liability for compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws regarding firearms.  Renaissance Antiquarian, Inc. does not provide legal counsel. We have recommendations for legal counsel for questions regarding firearms laws and compliance with such laws, and we receive no financial compensation for such referrals.  Also, you may contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,  Firearms and Explosives at www.atf.gov.

When you are here to transfer a firearm, you must present an up to date (with your current address) and valid Texas identification in the form of the Texas ID card, a Texas Driver’s License or a Department of Public Safety issued Concealed Handgun Permit.   You must complete an ATF Form 4473 background check form and if you do not have a concealed handgun permit, a telephone call to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Instant Criminal Check System (NICS) will be conducted.  Under no circumstances will any firearm be transferred without proper valid, current and up to date state issued identification and completion of the appropriate federal paperwork.

Appointments for transactions

Meeting for a firearms transaction is by appointment only.


All new firearms purchases are final.

Used firearms that are returned (such as machine guns)  require a 15% restocking fee.

Transfer of firearms

We provide services for transfer of firearms.  The fees are as follows:

Handguns and long guns  $30.00 per firearm

AOW, SBS, SBR, suppressors  $75.00 per firearm

Machine guns  $100.00 per firearm

When transferring a firearm to Renaissance Antiquarian, Inc. from an individual, we require a copy of that individual’s state identification (e.g. driver’s license or concealed handgun permit).  When receiving a firearm from another federally licensed dealer, we require a signed copy of the licensee’s FFL.

Services for shipping firearms

If you require our services to send a firearm to another dealer for sale or service, our fee is $30.00 plus actual cost of supplies and shipping.

Gunsmithing and concealed handgun training

We do not  perform gunsmithing services or concealed handgun training classes.   We have recommendations for these services should you need them.  We do not receive financial benefits for these referrals.