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Quicksilver Mfg. .223 Caliber

Quicksilver Mfg. .223 Caliber Description

Titanium  alloy suppressor in .223 caliber.  Weight is 9oz, and is threaded 1/2 x  28 tpi for standard AR-15 rifle barrels.  Rated for fully automatic  fire.

Jay Quilligan, MD, the owner  of QSM, builds outstanding titanium alloy suppressors from .223 all the  way up through .50 BMG and other magnum calibers, as well as custom  projects.   His suppressors are rated within OSHA limits for sound  safety requirements.  He also provides other gunsmithing services, and  has great customer support.  Website is www.qsmsilencers.com

Quicksilver Mfg. .223 Caliber Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Quicksilver Manufacturing, Idaho
  • Caliber: .223
  • Magazine: N/A
  • NFA Status: Transferable
  • Inventory Number: 060624
  • Serial Number:
  • Status: ATF Form 3
  • Cash Price: $895

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QSM .223 suppressor

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